Workshop on renewable energy grid codes

A large scale integration of renewable energy power plants into a national grid requires new rules for planning, connection and operation of those power plants that take into account distinctive features of renewable energy sources. As Algeria is planning to considerably raise its electricity generation from renewable energies over the next 12 years, existing grid code rules for conventional power plants need to be complemented, via a new renewable energies grid code, or an amendment to the existing grid code document.

Following up on discussions at the German-Algerian Energy Partnership working group meetings in April 2018, Algerian experts from the Ministry of Energy, regulation authority CREG, Sonelgaz and Sonatrach discussed the planned adaption of the Algerian grid code to large scale integration of variable renewable energies with a renowned German expert that had been consulting adaption of grid codes in various countries around the globe, amongst them, South Africa and Tunisia. The results of those discussions and expert recommendations will be part of future debates held by the official committee in charge of elaborating the renewable energy grid code for Algeria.