Second workshop on a Grid Code integrated fossil energies and renewable energies

Following up on the discussions held during the working groups of the Algerian-German Energy Partnership in April 2018, Algerian experts from the Ministry of Energy, CREG, Sonelgaz and Sonatrach discussed of the objectives and needs of the Algerian grid code with a German expert who had advised the adaptation of the grid code in various countries around the world, among them, South Africa and Tunisia, on the 09-10 October 2018 in workshop at the GIZ Algiers offices. The results of these discussions and expert recommendations were part of the discussions held by the official committee responsible for developing the renewable energy grid code for Algeria.

A benchmarking of the international grid codes was realized by a presentation of case studies with on technical requirements and notions of performance and services that are part of different national grid codes. Facilities for generating electricity from renewable energy sources connected to transmission and distribution systems are governed by national and local requirements and laws and regulations.

The participants familiarized themselves with the current regulations in Algeria, based on the current  by returning to grid code for power production from fossil fuels. EnR documents for conventional means.

Subsequently, a proposal for the structure of a network code for Algeria, covering the technical connection rules, planning rules and criteria, the rules of conduct of the power electricity production and -transmission system and the relations of the system operator and the other operators was presented.

A third and last workshop will take place in January 2019 at GIZ Algiers office.