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The German-Algerian Energy Partnership

Illustration with globe, landscape and various elements depicting renewable energy sources

Germany and Algeria have decided in 2015 to intensify their bilateral energy cooperation, so as to promote the use of renewable energy sources and the improvement of energy efficiency in industry. Their common aim is to shape both countries’ energy futures in a way that maximizes benefits for citizens, environment and businesses.

We facilitate high-level political dialogue, exchange of good practices, technical advice and business meetings - and communicate about the energy transition.

Facts & Figures

Country Surface

Algeria and Germany are among the biggest countries in their respective regions. As the biggest country on the African continent, Algeria’s surface exceeds Germany’s by more than six times. This brings along challenges for energy infrastructure, but also potential for distributed energy solutions, for which Germany has significant experience to share.

Square kilometre
Square kilometre

Source: World Bank 2017

Solar Irradiation

Algeria’s solar irradiation is about double of Germany’s, giving it a particularly high potential for energy production from solar energy. Algeria is pursuing ambitious plans to fully seize this potential and cooperating with Germany in order to benefit from its long experience in implementing solar energy projects.

per sqm per year
per sqm per year

Sources: Algeria: Ministry of Energy, Germany: Agency for Renewable Energies

Algeria: Ministry of Energy



Germany: Agency for Renewable Energies, Erneuerbare Energien 2030 – Potenzialatlas Deutschland



Germany’s population is about the double of Algeria’s. However, Algeria’s population growth rate (1.8 p.a.) is more than the double of Germany’s (0.2 p.a.), challenging local infrastructure, and especially energy supply infrastructure.


Source: UN World Population Prospects 2017

About the Energy Partnership

The Ministers together at a table signing documents
Energy ministers Youcef Yousfi (Algeria) and Sigmar Gabriel (Germany), signing the joint declaration of intent.

Germany and Algeria decided in 2015 to further enhance and deepen their energy sector collaboration, establishing the bilateral Energy Partnership. This format enables an exchange of good practices and experiences between key stakeholders, aiming to address common challenges, such as climate change and the provision of economically viable solutions for the success of the energy transition.

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“By virtue of its favourable situation with abundant solar and wind energy and its ambitious targets for increased exploitation of renewable energy sources, Algeria is an attractive partner for Germany."

Rainer Baake
Former State secretary, Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy

What we can do for you

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Support Political Dialogue

The German-Algerian Energy Partnership is a platform supporting high-level intergovernmental dialogue on energy matters. We facilitate high-level meetings and support the implementation of agreed activities. We organize the exchange between relevant institutions in Germany and Algeria.

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Promote Best-Practice Exchange

We’re convinced that making mistakes is inevitable, but they don’t need to be repeated. That’s why learning from one another is key to the German-Algerian Energy Partnership. We arrange and accompany expert delegations. We organize workshops and trainings. All for the sake of promoting what is already there: good practice.

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Connect Business and Politics

We build bridges between politics and business, facilitate exchange with decision-makers and help you make your position being heard in both partnership countries.

Illustration of a man and a woman with camera and microphone on the left conducting an interview with a man and a woman on the right.

Enhance Energy Transition Communication

Clear communication translates undertakings into understanding. We do communicate about the Energiewende through various channels. In Germany and Algeria. Online and offline.


14 December 2021

Capacity building and direct exchange of experiences on regional electricity exchanges between the transmission system operators of Germany, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Jordan

Within the framework of the German-Algerian Energy Partnership, a national workshop titled "Capacity building and direct exchange of experiences on regional electricity exchanges between the transmission system operators of Germany, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Jordan" was organized for the benefit of the engineers of the Algerian System Operator. It was conducted by experts from Elia Grid International and 50Hertz during 3 days on 06, 13 and 14 December 2021.

09 December 2021

3rd Edition of the German-Algerian Energy Day (Power to X)

Within the framework of the Algerian-German Energy Partnership, the Ministry of Energy and Mines, in collaboration with the Ministry of Energy Transition and Renewable Energies, and the Federal Ministry of Economy and Energy of the Federal Republic of Germany (BMWi) have co-organized, on December 09, 2021 in Algiers, the third edition of the Algerian-German Energy Day under the theme "Green Hydrogen in Algeria - Potential and Cooperation Prospects".


11 November 2021

Biomass study tour

A third virtual study tour was organized on November 11, 2021, which aimed to facilitate the exchange between executives from the Algerian Ministry of Energy Transition and Renewable Energies (MTEER), the Ministry of Energy and Mines (MEM), the German Ministry of Economy and Energy (BMWi), the Algerian Commission for Electricity and Gas Regulation (CREG), the German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ) and the German Energy Agency (DENA) on the governance of renewable energy with a focus on Biomass.A third virtual study tour was organized on November 11, 2021, which aimed to facilitate the exchange between executives from the Algerian Ministry of Energy Transition and Renewable Energies (MTEER), the Ministry of Energy and Mines (MEM), the German Ministry of Economy and Energy (BMWi), the Algerian Commission for Electricity and Gas Regulation (CREG), the German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ) and the German Energy Agency (DENA) on the governance of renewable energy with a focus on Biomass.

26 May 2021

First Seminar on the concept of the Energy Efficiency Network in companies (EEN)

The multiplication of energy efficiency networks will allow Algeria to reach a larger number of industrial companies through the energy efficiency program and to exploit on a large scale the existing energy saving potential in the industrial sector.

05 May 2021

Virtual study tour : The German Energy Transition Act

A virtual study tour was organised on 5 May 2021 to facilitate an exchange between the Algerian Ministry for Energy Transition and Renewable Energies (MTEER), German Ministry of Economics and Energy (BMWi), the Algerian Commission for Regulation of Electricty and Gas (CREG), the German Corporation for International Cooperation (GIZ) and the German Energy Agency (DENA) on renewable energy governance.


03 March 2021

Training of Energy trainers

The management of energy production and consumption is a priority for Algeria as a part of its environmental commitments and to ensure a sustainable energy supply.
In this context, energy efficiency through the implementation of the national program on energy efficiency (2016-2030) is intended to be on one hand a major challenge of conservation of final energy and on the other hand guarantee direct impact on the national economy.
For industrial companies, the difficulty is not mainly technical only, the challenge is also regarding a better management of their energy and human resources.

15 February 2021

kick-off workshop : Study on the potential for Power-to-X (Green Hydrogen) for Algeria

The overall objective of the study is to identify the technical and commercial potential of Power-to-X technologies and related industries in Algeria, and to present a first draft for a roadmap to establish an all-encompassing PtX industry in Algeria over the next decades (time horizon: 2030 and 2050), including an assessment of its feasibility. The main aim is to elaborate an action plan that can be put into practice by Algerian authorities.

09 December 2020

Business Council

­­The German Algerian Energy Partenership has hosted  the 5th edition of the ‘’German Energy Business coucil in Algeria’’ for the first time in virtual format.
Participated in this meeting, Mme Ellen Von Zitzewitz representing the German Federal Ministry of Economy and Energy (BMWi), the German Ambassy in Algeria, A representative of the German Development Bank (KfW) the German Algerian Chamber of trade AHK, the BSW Solar association, and 11 German campanies active or interested in the energy sector in Algeria.
The meeting was an opportunity to present the coming activities of the German Algerian Energy Partenership, including the hot topics of Power to X and Green Hydrogen, Benkability of Solar projects in Algeria and Digitalisation of the Energy Sector. Followed by a presentation of financing opportunies through the German development bank , and the activities of the AHK in the energy sector.
Before the closing, participents discussed the presented topics, and the potential difficulties facing the german companies in in the Algerian market, and thoughts on how to improve involvement of german companies in Algeria.

01 April 2020

Creation of the Green Communities project

April 1st 2020 marks the start of the project “Green Municipalities” implemented by the GIZ in Algeria for the BMZ in cooperation with the Algerian ministry of the Interior Local Assemblies and National Planing .

30 January 2020

1st MENA event on renewable energies in Berlin

The 1st MENA Event dedicated to German companies on 30 January in Berlin. Together with the German Renewable Energy Federation (BEE) and Navigant, the GIZ invited on behalf of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) enterprises of the solar and wind sector to provide information on current demands and issues in Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Jordan, Saudi-Arabia and the UAE.



28 November 2019

2nd edition of the German-Algerian Energy Day

The 2nd edition of the German-Algerian Energy Day will take place on Thursday, 28 November 2019 in the premises of the Ministry of Energy in Algiers. This year, the day will be opened by H.E. Mrs. Fatma-Zohra Cherfi, Secretary General, Ministry of Energy of the Democratic and Popular Republic of Algeria, and H.E.  Mrs. Ulrike Knotz, Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany to Algeria.

04 August 2019

Study trip "Promoting energy efficiency in the Algerian economy" to Berlin and Frankfurt

As part of the German-Algerian Energy Partnership, an Algerian delegation of executives from the Ministry of Energy and the National Agency for the Promotion and Implementation of Energy Use (APRUE), went on a trip, organized by the secretariat of the Energy Partnership and the project "Promoting Energy Efficiency (EE) in the Algerian economy", funded by the German Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development. The aim of the trip was to get a close-up view of the German experience in that field and to exchange with various institutions on their successful practices and the difficulties to avoid promoting EE in business, in order to learn from the lessons that could be useful in the Algerian context.

20 July 2019

Launch of the Network of Energy Efficiency in Enterprises

The launch of the Energy Efficiency Network EEN in Algeria was held on July 21st and 22nd, 2019 in Algiers as a part of the project "Energy Efficiency in the Algerian Economy

08 July 2019

The mission statement of the training “Energy Manager”

As part of the Energy Efficiency project in the Algerian economy,  theeconomy, the assessment  missionassessment mission of   the training "Energy manager" took place from July 8 to 11, 2019 in Algiers. The main objective was to discuss the options and priorities to guide future trainings in the field of energy efficiency of energy manager in Algerian companies. An international consultant, Dr.Jörg-F.Fromme and a national consultant, Mrs. Amel Leslous were asked to conductwork on the mission.

30 January 2019

Third Workshop on the Grid Code integrated fossil Energy and renewable Energy

A third workshop on the integrated Algerian grid ode was organized by the Algerian-German Energy Partnership at  GIZ offices in Algeria.  

17 December 2018

2nd workshop on macro-economic modeling of energy scenarios:

Following a first workshop in september 2018, a second workshop on economic modeling was organized by the DIAPOL-CE project, within the framework of the Algerian-German Energy Partnership, at GIZ offices in Algiers.

16 December 2018

Study on local economic development through renewable energies projects in Algeria

The results of a study on local economic development through renewable energy (RE) projects in Algeria, developed within the framework of the Algerian-German Energy Partnership, were presented and discussed on December 16, 2018, during a workshop at GIZ in Algiers.

25 November 2018

Practical training on energy audit in companies

A training on the energy audit was organized within the framework of the Algerian-German Energy Partnership for a group of energy auditors from the Sonatrach group, from 25 to 30 November 2018 in Oran and Arzew.

18 November 2018

Study Tour : “Integration of renewable energies into the power grid and flexibility options”

Within the framework of the Algerian-German Energy Partnership, GIZ organized a study tour to Germany around the topic “Integration of renewable energies into the power grid and flexibility options”, from 18th to 24thNovember 2018, for an Algerian delegation consisting of representatives of the Algerian energy sector, led by the Ministry of Energy.

29 October 2018

Workshop for the development of an Algerian strategy for off-grid renewable energies

Following the first workshop for the development of a strategy for renewable energies, especially off-grid, the Ministry of the Environment and Renewable Energies organised a second workshop to continue its strategy development on 29 and 30 October 2018 in Algiers.

09 October 2018

Second workshop on a Grid Code integrated fossil energies and renewable energies

Following up on the discussions held during the working groups of the Algerian-German Energy Partnership in April 2018, Algerian experts from the Ministry of Energy, CREG, Sonelgaz and Sonatrach discussed of the objectives and needs of the Algerian grid code with a German expert who had advised the adaptation of the grid code in various countries around the world, among them, South Africa and Tunisia, on the 09-10 October 2018 in workshop at the MEERGIZ Algiers offices. The results of these discussions and expert recommendations were part of the discussions held by the official committee responsible for developing the renewable energy grid code for Algeria.

30 September 2018

Workshop about macro-economic modeling of energy mixes

Algeria is a major producer of fuels and natural gas, and almost all energy consumed within the country is also based on fossil fuels. As to diversify its energy mix, Algeria decided on a plan to build 22 GW of renewable energy capacity until 2030 and started to build small-scale solar power plants (425 MW by 2017). This development of renewable energies is expected to have significant effects on economic growth and creation of employment at a national level.

23 September 2018

Development of a strategy for renewable energies, especially off-grid

This first strategic workshop within the framework of the German-Algerian Energy Partnership brought together a group of 15 Algerian and two German experts to work on the first off-grid renewable energy strategy (off-grid RE) in Algeria. In this workshop, the group of experts identified the strategies’ principal axes and the key decisions to be taken for strategy development.

25 June 2018

Seminar on organisational and institutional analysis of renewable energy tenders

Algeria is planning to make use of renewable energy tenders in order to meet its ambitious development targets for renewable energies. So-called investor’s tenders have been provided for in Algerian legislation since 2017, and tender documents have been elaborated. The aim of the seminar was to examine the investor’s tender’s implementation process as described in Algerian legislation as well as organisation and roles of different institutions within this process, and to formulate recommendations inspired by international experience, in order to optimize the process as much as possible.

11 June 2018

Workshop on renewable energy grid codes

A large scale integration of renewable energy power plants into a national grid requires new rules for planning, connection and operation of those power plants that take into account distinctive features of renewable energy sources. As Algeria is planning to considerably raise its electricity generation from renewable energies over the next 12 years, existing grid code rules for conventional power plants need to be complemented, via a new renewable energies grid code, or an amendment to the existing grid code document.


07 May 2018

Workshop on renewable energy auctions

Algeria plans to launch tenders for renewable energy auctions between 100 and 150 MW in 2018. These calls for tender are regulated by a certain number of regulatory texts, including a decree published in 2017 that specifies the different aspects of the auction process.

25 April 2018

Annual working group meetings

The second annual working group meetings of the German-Algerian Energy Partnership took place in Algiers, on 25 April 2018. The working group sessions “Renewable Energies” and “Energy Efficiency” were both chaired by General Director Zoubir Boulkroun of the Algerian Energy Ministry, and Director Martin Schöpe of the German federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy.

24 April 2018

German-Algerian Energy Day

The latest strategies, instruments and development trajectories for a sustainable energy future in Algeria, Germany and beyond were discussed during the first German-Algerian Energy Day in Algiers.



18 April 2018

High Level Steering Committee reunion at Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue

At the margins of the Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue, Algerian Director General Zoubir Boulkroun of the Algerian Ministry of Energy, accompanied by a delegation from the Algerian energy sector, and Thorsten Herdan, German Director General of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, met in Berlin for the third sessions of the German-Algerian Energy Partnership high level steering committee.

22 February 2018

Workshop Power Purchase Agreements

For any kind of energy projects realized as IPP projects, a well-designed power purchase agreement (PPA) has an important influence not only on the energy prices to be paid by the purchasing entity, but as well on of the successful construction and operating of the respective energy plant.

13 February 2018

Financial Modelling Project Training

In order to strengthen strategic foresight on options influencing possible outcomes of renewable tenders, a financial model adapted to renewable energies projects in Algeria was presented and discussed. During the two-day training, participants seized the opportunity to exchange intensively with two experts on relevant parameters that have significant influence on electricity prices offered in solar tenders, and to use the model in specific exercises and case studies.

28 November 2017

Workshop on Efficiency Networks

Having a deeper look into the concept of energy efficiency enterprise networks was the goal of an energy partnership workshop held in Algiers in November 2015. 15 representatives of Algerian governmental and public enterprises had lively discussions with a German energy efficiency expert that presented the details of the concept and its successful implementation in Germany and other countries in Europe and beyond.

Experts discussing energy efficiency networks in Algiers.
Experts discussing energy efficiency networks in Algiers.
19 October 2017

Expert workshop on renewable energy tender processes

Over the last five years, tender processes for renewable energy projects have been introduced in a range of countries worldwide. Results were mixed: The awarding of renewable energy projects via tenders has sometimes led to good projects and very competitive energy prices, while in other cases, awarded projects were not implemented and/or quality of products and services was poor. Against this backdrop, German and Algerian experts exchanged on lessons learned and best practices during a workshop in Algiers in October 2018.

17 October 2017

Workshop PPP and Project Financing

Financing renewable energies projects and setting up the best structure for project implementation are closely intertwined and often challenging questions for utility-scale renewable- energies projects. Within the framework of an energy partnership workshop, Algerian experts from public institutions and companies and German bankers from KfW met in order to discuss the last worldwide experience on renewable energy financing, as well as advantages and disadvantages of different project structures (as EPC, PPP and IPP).


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