Workshop about renewable energies off-grid

This first strategic workshop within the framework of the German-Algerian Energy Partnership brought together a group of 15 Algerian and two German experts to work on the first off-grid renewable energy strategy (off-grid RE) in Algeria. In this workshop, the group of experts identified the strategies’ principal axes and the key decisions to be taken for strategy development.

Medium-term (2023) and long-term (2030) targets for the strategy had been previously defined by the Ministry of Environment and Renewable Energy (MEER). In the short term, the most important goal is to supply remote and / or areas not connected to the grid (social target). In second place, comes the encouragement of the sectors whose expansion was limited by the lack of energy (economic target), followed by the reduction of impact of energy generation on the environment (environmental target) and finally to arrive at creating these social, economic and environmental impacts for the least cost (financial target).

Based on these objectives and their relative importance over time, workshop participants have identified five main strategic areas to be addressed by the strategy: a. Regulatory and legal framework, b. Economic and financial framework, c. Technology development, d. Capacity building and d. Promotion of off-grid RE.

A second workshop for the definition of the strategy, based on the identified strategic areas, and the first draft of a work plan has been taking place on October 29 and 30, 2018.