Seminar on organisational and institutional analysis of renewable energy tenders

Algeria is planning to make use of renewable energy tenders in order to meet its ambitious development targets for renewable energies. So-called investor’s tenders have been provided for in Algerian legislation since 2017, and tender documents have been elaborated. The aim of the seminar was to examine the investor’s tender’s implementation process as described in Algerian legislation as well as organisation and roles of different institutions within this process, and to formulate recommendations inspired by international experience, in order to optimize the process as much as possible.

The seminar was structured alongside the different steps of the tender process – from definition of phases and time schedule of the tender process to the control of project implementation. These steps were illustrated with examples from projects that the international expert deployed by GIZ, within the framework of the energy partnership, had been working on, as well as cases of international good practice, amongst others, in Germany, South Africa, Tunisia and Jordan.

Discussions with participants from the Algerian energy sector focussed on risk allocation between investors and off-takers, possibilities for introducing reasonable local content requirements, best and most manageable arrangements for evaluation schemes, and financial aspects, e.g. suitable alternatives for state guarantees.

Lessons learned and recommendations elaborated in the seminar can be considered for design of future tenders in Algeria.