2nd edition of the German-Algerian Energy Day

A great success for the bilateral cooperation in the energy field – The signing of the First Algerian Energy Efficiency Company Network

The 2nd edition of the German-Algerian Energy Day took place on Thursday, 28 November 2019 in the premises of the Ministry of Energy in Algiers. This year, the day was opened by four women: H.E. Mrs. Fatma-Zohra Cherfi, Secretary General, Ministry of Energy of the Democratic and Popular Republic of Algeria, H.E. Mrs. Ulrike Knotz, Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany to Algeria, Mrs. Ellen von Zitzewitz, Deputy Director International Energy Relations, Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) and Mrs. Ulrike Lehr, Senior Modelling Specialist, Gesellschaft für Wirtschaftliche Strukturforschung (GWS).

The focus of this conference was lying on technological and procedural innovation in the energy sector with the overall aim to move forward the energy transition of both countries. Therefore, high-level experts from the energy sector in Germany and Algeria came together and presented and discussed innovative approaches for the energy sector such as peak management and digitization. Besides, the Integrated Grid Code and the « e3.dz » model for macroeconomic modelling of energy scenarios were presented.

The biggest success of the day was the signing of a convention of the « First Algerian Energy Efficiency Company Network ». The contract was signed by the Agency for Energy Use Rationalisation Agency (APRUE) and the German Agency for International cooperation “Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit” GIZ as well as 8 industrial companies. This network will allow the APRUE and the GIZ to accompany the companies and support them in their energy management. In the future, it will help the companies to manage well their energy use. The companies from this Energy Efficiency Network will be able to develop an energy efficiency plan with the support of experts. The members will be accompanied by the APRUE and the GIZ for 3 years. 

Within the framework of the German-Algerian Energy Partnership, the 2nd edition of the German-Algerian Energy Day was jointly organized by the Algerian Ministry of Energy and the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy of the Federal Republic of Germany (BMWi). It took place under the theme “Making a success of the energy transition due to technological and procedural innovation”.

Please find below the presentations of the day, the programme as well as an overview of articles and media elements.


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