About the Energy Partnership

Germany and Algeria decided in 2015 to further enhance and deepen their energy sector collaboration, establishing the bilateral Energy Partnership. This format enables an exchange of good practices and experiences between key stakeholders, aiming to address common challenges, such as climate change and the provision of economically viable solutions for the success of the energy transition.

Former energy ministers Youcef Yousfi (Algeria) and Sigmar Gabriel (Germany), signing the joint declaration of intent.
Former energy ministers Youcef Yousfi (Algeria) and Sigmar Gabriel (Germany), signing the joint declaration of intent.

Germany and Algeria are leaders of the energy transition in their regions. Algeria has immense renewable energy potentials, especially in solar and wind. Due to its geographic proximity and interconnections with Europe, Algeria could be integrated in the European electricity market, enabling a mutually beneficial exchange of sustainable energy supply in the long term. 

Therefore, Germany and Algeria decided to create a bilateral energy partnership. So as to implement the German-Algerian Energy Partnership, a Joint Declaration of Intent was signed in March 2015, on the margins of the Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue in Berlin. Both countries agreed in May 2015 to establish a high-level steering group and to set-up two working groups. The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) was commissioned with support and advice to the energy partnership.
The supporting structure with advisors in Berlin and Algiers serves as a point of contact and coordination with regards to the activities of the energy partnership.

In March 2013, both parties decided on the elaboration of a common work plan for the energy partnership. The partners agreed on focusing the EP’s 2017-2018 activities on: Development and grid integration of renewable energies and enhancing energy efficiency in industry.

Our Experts

Rebekka Hilz

Rebekka Hilz

Project Coordinator
German-Algerian Energy Partnership


Portrait Sarah Duhr

Sarah Duhr

Bilateral Energy Partnerships (BMWi)


Portrait Frank Renken

Frank Renken

Principal Advisor
German-Algerian Energy Partnership