Annual working group meetings

The second annual working group meetings of the German-Algerian Energy Partnership took place in Algiers, on 25 April 2018. The working group sessions “Renewable Energies” and “Energy Efficiency” were both chaired by General Director Zoubir Boulkroun of the Algerian Energy Ministry, and Director Martin Schöpe of the German federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy.

The leading ministries as well as Algerian and German stakeholders (a.o. Sonatrach, Sonelgaz, CREG, APRUE, BMU, GIZ, BGR) expressed their satisfaction as to the recent implementation of activities within the thematic foci of both working groups and their willingness to develop and deepen cooperation within the energy partnership.

During the working group session “renewable energies”, the following activities were agreed upon: 1. Capacity development concerning instruments for renewable energies development, 2. Analysis of economic effects created by renewable energy projects, 3. Grid integration of variable renewable energies ; 4. Modelling of macro-economic effects of the energy transition ; 5. Renewable energy project finance and PPP structures

The following working group session “energy efficiency” focused on topics relating to stepping up of energy efficiency in industry. The following activities were discussed and decided upon: 1. Energy efficiency in industry and administration; 2. Energy audits as a measure to enhance energy efficiency; 3. Reduction of emissions and energy production by utilisation of associated gas.

The activities agreed upon will be implemented during the following year, and discussed during the next annual working group session in 2019. Further activities within the thematic foci might be taken up during this period, if both sides agree and have the possibility to raise additional financial and personal resources.

Exchanges at the annual meeting of the working group.