Decision on a Common Working Plan

At the margins of the Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue, the Algerian Secretary General of the Energy Ministry, Fatma-Zohra Cherfi and the German Director General of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, Thorsten Herdan met for a bilateral session in order to bring forward the German-Algerian energy partnership.

Meeting of high-ranking officials at the Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue 2017.
Meeting of high-ranking officials at the Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue 2017.

The discussion focused on last developments concerning tender processes and general advancement of renewable energy development in both countries: While Germany has advanced well in going forward with its energy transition, and especially in developing renewable energy for electricity production and raising energy efficiency in industry, it still faces challenges reaching the integration of renewable energy in the heat and transport sector. Algeria, on its part, has ambitious goals for renewable energy electricity production and boosting its energy efficiency, and is looking to choose the best ways to reach these goals in a sustainable way. This gives way to a considerable cooperation potential for both countries.

After an intensive session of bilateral exchange, both Secretary General Cherfi and Director General Herdan decided on establishing a working plan in order to spur development of the focus themes renewable energies and energy efficiency, before heading on the next conference sessions. The Algerian delegation seized the opportunity to present and discuss opportunities within the Algerian energy efficiency program within an international panel.