Formation des formateur responsable energie

The management of energy production and consumption is a priority for Algeria as a part of its environmental commitments and to ensure a sustainable energy supply.
In this context, energy efficiency through the implementation of the national program on energy efficiency (2016-2030) is intended to be on one hand a major challenge of conservation of final energy and on the other hand guarantee direct impact on the national economy.
For industrial companies, the difficulty is not mainly technical only, the challenge is also regarding a better management of their energy and human resources.
It is therefore important for any industrial company to train a qualified person to fill in the position of "Energy Manager" in order to manage energy consumption in a sustainable and systemic way with the following effects

  • A costs reduction
  • A reduction of the negative impact on the environment
  • An increased competitiveness

The development of the capacities of energy managers in industry was thus defined as a field of action within the framework of the Algerian-German energy partnership, and supported by the SFF Energy Efficiency in the Algerian economy. 
To this end, RENAC has developed on behalf of GIZ a Training of Trainers (ToT) for the benefit of APRUE trainers, who will conduct the training "energy management in industry".
The aim of the ToT is to train  APRUE trainers on didactic and methodological tools to qualify them to conduct advanced and interactive training.
In addition, the ToT will also cover the contents of the different technical modules of the "Energy Management in Industry" training to ensure that all trainers are at the same level with respect to the contents of this training.
As a reminder, the technical contents of the training course cover the following subjects
- Current regulations and energy billing in Algeria related to energy management
- Monitoring and energy management 
- Process of energy audits 
- Energy efficiency in the various processes and technologies used in industry. 
- Energy management according to the ISO 50001 standard
The training was conducted in two parts, a virtual covering the technical training program on energy efficiency in industry (40 hours) (during the month of February 2021) and a physical one on the didactic and pedagogical aspects, concluded with a certification examination between 1st and 3rd of March 2021.