Training course: Power-to-X and green hydrogen

Within the framework of the German-Algerian Energy Partnership, in collaboration with the German Development Bank KfW, a training course was held by videoconference from 14 to 16 February 2022 on "Renewable Power-to-X and Green Hydrogen". The concept of 'Power-to-X' or PtX encompasses all technologies, processes and products that enable the transformation of electricity ('Power') into other forms of energy, either in gas or liquid form. Algerian participants were delegated from the Ministry of Energy Transition and Renewable Energies (MTEER) and the Ministry of Energy and Mines (MEM), as well as from various agencies and institutions such as APRUE, SHAEMS, Sonatrach, Sonelgaz, the National School of Renewable Energy in Batna, CREG, CEREFE, CDER and CTRSE.

The main objective of this training was to facilitate the exchange and sharing of expertise with the experts of the German Technology Centre "International PtX hub". During this training, technical, regulatory, financial and strategic aspects of green hydrogen technologies and its uses serving the energy transition were presented.

The training was composed of seven modules (Introduction to the concept of renewable PtX, Production, Economies, Infrastructure, Markets, Sustainability criteria, Supporting policies and regulations) followed by a workshop of discussions and exchange on the opportunities of development of green hydrogen in Algeria.

Based on the discussions held during this training, the following recommendations for the development of green hydrogen in Algeria emerged:

- Promote, on a large scale, the deployment of renewable energies in Algeria;

- Build on the fruitful relationship between the two countries in terms of mutual interest in the development of renewable energy;

- Identify mechanisms for financing PtX projects in Algeria;

- Establish measures to encourage PtX technologies;

- Propose the implementation of a pilot project for the production of green hydrogen (semi-industrial scale);

- Stress the role of research and training in the field through scientific and academic collaboration between the two countries.