Launch of the Network of Energy Efficiency in Enterprises 21-22 July 2019

The launch of the Energy Efficiency Network EEN in Algeria was held on July 21st and 22nd, 2019 in Algiers as a part of the project "Energy Efficiency in the Algerian Economy".

The day of 21 July was devoted to two training sessions for the auditors and moderators which will support the Pilot Algerian Network of Energy Efficiency in Business by the two experts of the Institute of research efficiency and energy strategy “IREES”: Annette Roser and Kai Bergmann. The REEE is defined as voluntary, systematic, targeted and non-bureaucratic exchange of experiences and ideas between different companies in the same or different industrial sectors, coordinated by a moderator and an expert consultant. It has many advantages, including saving time and reducing energy costs, and it is also a catalyst for international knowledge transfer. During this training, the different roles of the organizers of the network were also well defined. For moderators, the interactive development of the understanding of moderation for the EEN is very important and for engineer consultants, profitability is a necessary decision-making criterion for investments.

the first pilot EEN in Algeria was launched on July 22 during a meeting regrouping representative of the member companies, the international and national experts and moderators, and also representatives of the Ministry of Energy and the Algerian Energy Efficacy Agency “APRUE”. The meeting allowed to define the reasons for the need of REEE with its benefits and challenges and also the methodology and procedure to be undertaken as well as the understanding of respective roles and tasks of the different stakeholders. The energy audits and the monitoring process have been developed as well. At the end, the energy audits for the eight pilot companies have been planned and the process will start already in August. Industrial heating was one of the themes identified by companies to be debated in the nest EEN meeting planned in November 2019.