First Seminar on the concept of the Energy Efficiency Network in companies (EEN)

The energy efficiency network in companies "EEN" is now considered among the most appropriate tools to develop energy efficiency on a large scale in industrial establishments, especially medium-sized, because it allows them to acquire the expertise and know-how necessary to initiate and monitor an energy efficiency program and the tools necessary to monitor the objectives set.

The multiplication of energy efficiency networks will allow Algeria to reach a larger number of industrial companies through the energy efficiency program and to exploit on a large scale the existing energy saving potential in the industrial sector.

This first seminar on the EEN concept organized by the APRUE and supported by the Algerian-German Energy Partnership of GIZ Algeria, had for objective :

  • The promotion of the national program of energy efficiency, and the popularization of the concept EEN to Algerian organizations, and be able to sensitize the industrialists to join the network.
  • The facilitation of the exchange and sharing of experience in the field of energy efficiency and energy saving in the framework of the EEN and to learn about the German experience in this field.

The work of this seminar was crowned by the agreement in principle given by three industrial groups for the establishment of 03 Energy Efficiency Networks in Companies, and the rich debate with the various participants led to the following conclusions:

  • Duplicate the concept of energy efficiency network for other industrial companies;
  • Multiply the communication actions on this 1st EEN, notably through seminars and webinars;
  • Share experience and good practices of EE in companies;
  • Integrate the participation of the companies members of the RESP in the national program of energy management;
  • Develop new EEN's in other sectors (service sector and local authorities);
  • To initiate information actions on the RESP at the level of the industrial units;
  • Initiate monitoring actions at the level of the first network;
  • Implement a capacity building program for industrial operators.