Expert Workshop on Energy Efficiency Networks

Having a deeper look into the concept of energy efficiency enterprise networks was the goal of an energy partnership workshop held in Algiers in November 2015. 15 representatives of Algerian governmental and public enterprises had lively discussions with a German energy efficiency expert that presented the details of the concept and its successful implementation in Germany and other countries in Europe and beyond.

An energy-efficiency network consists of 8 to 15 companies. In an analysis of the potential, undertaken at the outset of the network activities, an experienced energy consultant helps companies to pinpoint ways to boost energy efficiency. On the basis of this analysis, each company sets itself a conservation target, and backs this up with action. The overall network also sets itself an efficiency target for the duration of the network activities. During the network process, a regular moderated dialogue takes place in which the participating company representatives exchange good practices and ideas.

The German Federal Government had decided in 2015 to promote the setup of 500 energy efficiency enterprise networks in Germany until the year 2020, with several hundreds of networks already in place.As a result of the workshop, it has been suggested to set up a pilot energy efficiency network in Algeria under the energy partnership, in order to test, adapt and ideally show the success of such a concept in the local context.