Green Municipalities

April 1st 2020 marks the start of the project “Green Municipalities” implemented by the GIZ in Algeria for the BMZ in cooperation with the Algerian ministry of the Interior Local Assemblies and National Planing .

Germany and Algeria have committed themselves to reducing their greenhouse gas emissions within the framework of the international climate negotiations. As an industrialised nation, Germany is also involved in supporting efforts to reduce emissions in developing and emerging countries. As an emerging economy, Algeria has made the scope of its National Determined Contribution (NDC) dependent on international financial and technical support. The plan is to reduce emissions by 7% without international support and 22% with international contributions.

Energy transition plays an important role in the new Algerian government’s Action plan, with the objective of cutting the dependency on Oil & gas, insuring efficient use of its natural resources and creating employment, and this with the involvement of different sectors including housing, industry , transport. 

Aiming to improve energy management within the Algerian municipalities in terms of climate friendliness and financial sustainability, the project supplements the Priority area” Environnement” in the Algerian Technical Cooperation portfolio as an important future theme for Algeria. It supports Algerian municipalities in achieving sustainable energy and cost savings using EnEff measures and RE technologies, thus contributing to the achievement of national climate targets. The project considers the necessary legal requirements for a sustainable energy supply and the development of fields of employment, through work on the regulatory framework for RE and EnEff and providing support for market development.