3rd edition of the German-Algerian Energy Day (Power-to-X)

Green Hydrogen in Algeria - Potential and Perspectives of Cooperation.

Within the framework of the Algerian-German Energy Partnership, the Ministry of Energy and Mining, in collaboration with the Ministry of Energy Transition and Renewable Energies, and the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy of the Federal Republic of Germany (BMWi) have co-organized, on December 09th,  2021 in Algiers, the third edition of the Algerian-German Energy Day under the theme "Green Hydrogen in Algeria - Potential and Cooperation Prospects".

The Algerian government has included, as part of its economic recovery plan, energy transition to new and renewable energies as a priority, with the aim of "green" growth through the use of innovative and digital technologies in the energy sector. Thus, the development of "green" hydrogen has been included among the priority objectives of the Algerian government with the development of an ambitious national plan being underway, especially since Algeria has undeniable assets in this field and intends to maintain its position as a major player on the global energy scene by developing all its natural resources.

This meeting brought together the main stakeholders involved in this topic, namely the concerned ministries and institutions, economic operators, as well as representatives of the academic sphere. The opening ceremony was highlighted by the participation of Mr. Benattou Ziane Minister of Energy Transition and Renewable Energy, Mr. Abdelkrim Aouissi, Secretary General of the Ministry of Energy and Mining, Her Excellency Ms. Elisabeth Wolbers, Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany in Algeria, Mr. Noureddine Yassa, Commissioner for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency, and Ms. Christine Falken Grosser, Director of Bilateral Energy Cooperation, representative of the German Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi).

It was an opportunity to give rise to discussions on complex issues facing the energy industry in terms of economic, financial, technological, and environmental issues, related to the development of low carbon technologies including hydrogen as an energy carrier. The event also focused on the prospects of the Algerian-German partnership in this field including the conduction of an exploratory study on the "Potential of Power to X technologies in Algeria" by 2050, by international and Algerian experts, as part of the activities of the Algerian-German Energy Partnership.

The meeting also highlighted that the development of low-carbon technologies such as green hydrogen requires taking into account the disparities in terms of development and financial capacity between countries. Similarly, the challenges and issues facing the energy industry require incresing efforts through a balanced and  mutually beneficial partnership to enhance the potential of both countries to facilitate the development of research and mastery of technologies related to clean energy, including renewable energy and energy efficiency.

In this context, Algeria, through its renewable energy development program, aims to accelerate and succeed its energy transition, which includes new technologies related to low-carbon fossil fuels, and the promotion of investment in energy infrastructure and more efficient technologies.

Exploratory study on the potential of Power-to-X (green hydrogen) for Algeria  HERE

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