The mission statement of the training “Energy Manager” from 08 to 11 July 2019

As part of the Energy Efficiency project in the Algerian economy,  the economy, the assessment  mission assessment mission of  the training "Energy manager" took place from July 8 to 11, 2019 in Algiers. The main objective was to discuss the options and priorities to guide future trainings in the field of energy efficiency of energy manager in Algerian companies. An international consultant, Dr.Jörg-F.Fromme and a national consultant, Mrs. Amel Leslous were asked to conductwork on the mission.

The mission brought together the representatives of the Ministry of Energy, those of APRUE (Agency for the Rationalization of Energy Utilization), representative of other ministries and public institutions, the energy auditors and also representatives the representants of companies which are those including those who had benefitted from the training in one hand, and those who developed their own training program on the other hand.

The program which mainly consisted on the workshop of July 10, 2019 with about thirty participants, focused on facilitated the exchanges between the stakeholders during different meetings at the Ministry of Energy, APRUE, and also during a debate session on July 10, focusing on the challenges of energy efficiency, the audits and the contents of the current training with assessing its challenges and gaps. In addition, there was also the presentation of the international benchmark which helped to refer to other energy managers trainings in other countries, like India, Egypt, Tunisia and Republic of South Africa.

At the end of the workshop, it was evaluated that the current training has its assets for being a rich training, free of charge and is a great opportunity for the exchange of experiences. However, it was criticized as being too short and dense and lack of practices. As a result, the measures participants have expressed the following propositions to improve the training are as follows: In the short run, it has been suggested to train some trainers and include some companies’ experts as trainers. Moreover, it is necessary to sensitize the participants to share the information internally in their respective companies and finally to optimize the duration and contents of the existing training and to develop technological modules. Then, in the medium term, it is necessary to follow-up with the trained companies and to target the Small and Medium-size enterprises as well as the services sectors. Finally, in the long run, it has been suggested to introduce the Energy Efficiency as a part the university study of the curricula in universities as well as in professional training.